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Martin offers the complete well-being package including Massage, Personal Training & Acupunture
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Martin is based in Andover and travels throughout Hampshire offering a mobile service
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Phone Martin and arrange your free fitness consultation and plan your well-being programme
Free Personal Training Consultation
If you are considering embarking on a Personal Training journey then Martin offers a one hour's free consultation in Andover to allow you to experience his unique approach and work out the most appropriate fitness plan to suit your needs.
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
Looking for a therapeutic deep tissue massage therapy in Andover that produces amazing results? Martin offers a massage that works to find and remove tension in the body. This form or massage produces results that will make you feel incredible.
Martin trained in Beijing with leading Chinese Dr's and can combine acupuncture and massage in a unique and unrivaled therapeutic treatment in Andover, Hampshire.
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Massage therapy in Hampshire
During the massage Martin can incorporate different techniques to give a holistic and longer lasting therapy which includes Tuina & Medical Thai Massage. Having worked with many clients around the world I have world class experience and a natural intuition to home into a customers problem studied with Dave Taylor learning the Raynor massage technique discovering a whole new world of therapy.
Personal Training in Andover
Yoga Pilates and conventional training to provide clientele with posture improvement, weight loss, length and strength of muscles. Muscle building with a long lasting imprint designed to give people freedom from lack of energy, sallow complexion, stubborn fat gain, poor posture and a negative appearance, and much more.
Traditional Chinese Therapy in Hampshire
Studied at the China Academy of Chinese Therapy in Beijing in 2014 on an intensive period of training at a famous hospital in China.
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Raynor Massage Therapy

Raynor Massage is a deep tissue massage treatment which has the singular aim of finding and removing tension from the entire body. Rather than concentrating on a particular set sequence of moves and techniques, Raynor Massage, instead has it's focus set on achieving the result of eliminating the bodies residual tension. So whether you are looking for a great deep tissue massage to get rid of stress and tension or have a specific condition or sports related injury then Raynor Massage is the ideal therapy. It really does not matter how old you are or indeed what level of fitness you have to feel huge benefit from having your tension removed using this therapeutic massage.

A Raynor Massage therapist understands that tension can be caused by both physical and emotional reasons and very often a combination of both. Rather than following one set technique, Raynor Massage uses moves from various different ancient massage therapies including Thai, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Lomi Lomi.

This very powerful, deep tissue massage therapy takes it's influence from Eastern cultures and follows the understanding that the human body has a a very subtle energy flowing through it. If this energy is unable to flow freely due to blockages then we are simply not going to feel as great as we would do if instead the body was rid of all residual tension allowing the energy to flow freely.

As well as studying Raynor Massage, Martin spent some time working and training in China, Saudi Arabia and Thailand and is also able to incorporate elements of Thai as well as Tui Nai massage into his treatments. This really does result in a quite unique treatment the delivers fantastic results.
Weights Training Hampshure
A holistic approach to training in Hampshire and Andover

Personal Training in Andover

A personal trainer considers several factors while planning your workouts. Nutrition and sleep are equally as essential as the training when it comes to attaining your goals. Having a qualified personal trainer means you get all the up-to-date information you require regarding nutrition and diet and the effects this can have on your training.

They’re always willing to share their advice and since they have a vested interest in you, will be a lot more reliable than the newest magazine with the new fad diet.

All personal trainers have worked very hard to have the title; this means they are the best person for the job. They must have in-depth knowledge of the body to qualify, we can all lift weights at the gym, but we do not all know how to avoid injury while doing it.
Professional Training In Hampshire
Acupuncture In Hampshire
Looking for a Thai massage in Andover?

Benefits of Thai Massage

Anyone who’s ever gotten a massage knows that it helps you unwind. People often describe Thai massage as both relaxing and energizing. Thai massage is a body to body massage. It begins from the feet moving upwards, ending with the face and head, making energy to flow in a deep holistic manner, similar to meridians in China.

The massage therapy and medicine is believed to have been founded by Shivago Komarpaj, a physician from Northern India over 2500 years ago. It was a healing technique that was practiced by doctors.

The Top Ten Benefits Of Receiving Thai Massage:

1) Reduces stress levels - hormone cortisol
2) Lowers blood pressure
3) Decrease pain and improve body function
4) Improves sleep, specifically deep sleep
5) Boosts immunity by increasing white blood cells and reducing stress 6) Revitalizes skin through increased blood flow
7) Elevates level of alertness
8) Lessens digestive disorders
9) Increases seratonin, enhancing mood
10) Touch makes you happier
Looking for a personal trainer in Hampshire?
Hire a personal trainer in Hampshire

The benefits of using a personal trainer

By working with a personal trainer you will experience enormous changes in my life, in terms of both physical and mind, body and soul for your mental well-being; You will realize that procuring a personal trainer will be the perfect resolution and solution into getting yourself into shape and gaining that drive.

The advantages of doing as such are enormous and can prompt to a quite enhanced personal satisfaction. Read on to discover the reasons why you too should hire a personal trainer.

Confidence boost

With energy and support, a great personal trainer will demonstrate how far you can go. For instance, when you feel like your unable to do more reps, your personal trainer will keep the pressure and motivation on and access your current situation.
Personal Trainer Hampshire
Transformation from Hard and Boring To Fun

Contracting a personal trainer can really make good your time in the gym. They can get you out of your boring schedule and outline a program that acquaints you with new activities, making your work-outs more enjoyable.


By spending cash to get a personal trainer, you are making yourself considerably more responsible, as you will be keen to follow your training schedule. This will also help you be more responsible in other aspects of life.

Workouts That Suit You

You can find a workout plan on the web and follow it. However, some of these plans will even end up hurting you or producing results opposite of what you needed. Utilizing a personal trainer will enable you to follow the workout plan that totally suits your needs. Your personal trainer will modify every move, to ensure it is of benefit to you.
All massage, personal training and acupuncture services available in Andover
Andover is a small market town located North of Test Valley. It takes an hour and 5 minutes from the center of London to reach Andover by train. The Town’s people are pretty patriotic and sentimental about their town, although it is meant to be a modern town, there are still some folk who have held on to the rural heritage and keep Andover from losing its old world feel.

During the 18th Century, this was a bustling stop for stagecoaches going to London, Exeter and Salisbury. There are still remnants of its Saxon history that can be found in Danbury Hill Fort as well as Fullerton Mosaic.

Watermills played an important part in the economy of the town since the turn of the century and continue to b e a big economic contributor. RAF has had its headquarters in Andover since the Second World War and continues to contribute to the town’s growth. In recent times local councils, organisations, and businesses formed a partnership to improve the lives of the locals. This is what is known as The Andover Vision partnership.

The Andover Vision has been working with the British Heart Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles amongst its residents. This partnership not only promotes the lives of people who live in Andover, but it also promotes the town outside to boost the tourism trade. Andover is gearing itself up to be a great place to live, work and play.
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