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A career spanning a decade ...
Having started a career in the fitness industry right at the base level of fitness instructor back in 2007, I was fortunate enough to learn from a multiple world champion power-lifter, an elite level triathlon competitor and one of the best personal trainers I have ever met.

Being very young at this time I absorbed every bit of detail learned from seasoned and educated pro’s in the industry, as well as undertaking a diploma in Personal Training. The gym I worked at had access to thousands of members where I could practice and develop skills learned in the classroom.

After studying yoga and Pilates I realised I had skills I wanted to pass on to even more people, but desperately wanted to travel at the same time. So I joined Steiner Transocean. Steiner are a leading spa brand, which operate on board cruise ships.

They put their employees through a rigorous boot camp in London at the Steiner HQ. Doing things the Steiner way was tough in the beginning as their customer service levels to work on board luxury cruise liners were exceptional. But I made it, and made it proudly first out of my group to join (at the time) Holland America’s finest ship, the Eurodam.
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On board the Eurodam I met people from all over the globe. There were 21 nationalities in a 22 strong spa team. The team included an array of professions. A mixture of massage, Acupuncture, nail technicians, hair stylists who were part time teeth whiteners and me in the gym. The personal trainer. Every day presented a new challenge for me to learn something new. The spa was a think tank of health and wellness and we would often treat each other with gifts of our trade. Obviously I was very unpopular as I would mostly take boot camp classes for the team, which were fun, but would leave my colleagues aching the next day. Most of all I learned massage from a Thai lady who had studied for several years in Thai massage, a physiotherapist who worked in the Austrian Alps and was also lucky enough to learn from two Acupuncturists. One a Dr from Canada.

After leaving cruise ships nearly two years later I embarked on a journey to South-East-Asia. I spent two years living in Chiang Mai in a serene mountain village called Samoeng, known for being the most arable land in the north. My village were specialists in strawberries and rice and even to this day I cannot find another strawberry or curry that tastes half as good. My time there was productive however, even while travelling I maintained to feed my passion for study. I learned to speak thai whilst studying Thai massage. The massage school I attended was in the city of Chiang Mai in an area called Fang Ham. Close to a Hospital which would lend our school patients with muscular problems. It was in Chiang Mai I took my first course in Acupuncture…
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... having many influences
My teacher would spend the morning giving the class Tai Qi lessons, and the afternoon getting us to sit in on his patients. He taught us valuable snippets of Acupuncture principles, the course was just three weeks long but it was long enough to ignite another passion of mine:

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I saved my money I earned from a small tea shop business, personal training and classes I took in my local gym and went on to take a Diploma in Beijing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I studied at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, in a famous hospital in Asia.

The ward I studied in was mainly the neurological ward, which would treat sciatica, bells-palsy, stroke patients and more with an array of traditional therapies from cupping to blood letting. I was astounded to see success within a patient's first treatment, and still am. Although now I feel privileged to be able to administer the treatments I studied, I am still awe struck at the memories I have of the Dr’s and Professors of my school.
Over the years I had a lot of fun alongside my studies and hard work. I spent time in the Caribbean lounging on beaches on my days off in St. Thomas, or would go jungle trekking in San Juan Peurto Rico. I had traveled much of coastal Europe by this time and was even lucky enough to explore the grand and imposing city of st. Petersburg. I got lost in South-East-Asia, exploring the mountains of north Thailand and crossing the border into Burma (Myanmar). Along the way I got sick to the point I thought I was going to die, learned history from a wise old man in the Mae Sae mountain dwelling of the nation-less people, I floated for nearly 24 hours in Laos down a river where it seemed no body knew, on that trip I was lucky enough to ride elephants and sit with tigers.

Nothing I ever did prepared me for Beijing. An unforgiving city when you are lost, in the rain with 1% battery and couldn’t pronounce the name of my street I lived on even if I could remember it, a place where you can think you're ordering noodles with chicken and end up with something terrifyingly different, but I managed to absorb and digest as much of Chinese culture along the way as I could, and even learned how to speak basic Mandarin, with a passable accent too. After graduating from the Academy, I took my growing skill set and went to work for a wealthy business family in the middle east.
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Saudi Arabia again was a shock, but having spent time in Beijing I was better prepared and more patient to learn this time. The family I worked for were one of the most wealthy families in the middle east, with a huge car trading business spanning four continents. As luck would have it, my client owned a charity rehab hospital which allowed me to shadow a leading osteopath. Dr. Ludvie ( no idea on the spelling). He seemed to be able to straighten out a lamppost he was that talented. He showed me massage techniques and shortcuts to better therapy I would never have learned had I not met him.

During my time in the middle east I learned and lived as much as I could. I speak basic Arabic and am immensely proud I could run such a successful service to such a demanding family despite coming with no Arabic skills, no navigation skills and no idea what Jeddah would be like for a foreigner who was left to it in a land which might as well have been on another planet. I wasn't totally left alone though, my client at this time was a very well educated, uniquely experienced business owner. He was the CEO of an enormous company with global influence. He is a treasured figure in my life, he taught me so many things about life, business, about family and culture. Working for this man was at times demanding in unimaginable ways, and his input and points of view are invaluable to how I run my business today.

Finally, it was time to come home, I wanted to live in the UK and set up a therapy business centered around holistic practice. Using my TCM skills, personal training, yoga and Pilates, and Tui Na, I undertook my latest and greatest course. Raynor Massage, my tutor was Dave Taylor. It was as if someone had condensed knowledge from some of the ancient therapies of the world, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and as well as conventional therapeutic methods. I had studied in classrooms with surgeons in China, had professors correct my Tui Na Chinese massage skills, had a renowned osteopath let me watch and learn his mastery of the human body, but I had never met Dave. Raynor massage is mind blowing in its therapeutic lasting effect, and I feel truly honoured and humble I am able to pass on these treatments to clients who need it.

It was always my goal to be able to heal people. I grew up, like many people, with sick family members who so desperately needed someone like me, but by the time I learned all I needed to know it was too late to help them. I will often do charity treatments to those who cannot afford an hour of my service, and I always will.

Because at the end of all my travels and life experiences, I believe there is not enough healing touch on planet Earth. If I can help just one person be free of tension and pain for even a short while, I will be a happy man.
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