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Acupuncture - Rebalance Your Body
Traditional healing therapy
Chinese Acupuncture
Eliminate Stress
The life which we live today has a lot of challenges. If you don't have ways to eliminate these stresses of life, you might be placing yourself at huge risk from different stress related to the illnesses. You may suffer from headaches, insomnia or worse, a severe heart disease.
General Well-Being
Your health and well-being are not priorities which are exclusive to times outside of your workspace. Health is a round-the-clock activity linked to both your productivity and happiness. Perhaps, this is the reason most successful individuals commit to promoting their health and healing underlying conditions or pain which inhibit daily tasks.
Natural Healing
As one of the most successful healing modalities available in the world, with no pain or side effects throughout treatment, it is surprising more individuals haven’t tried acupuncture.
Acupuncture - Traditional Therapy
Acupuncture  Chinese

Traditional Chinese Therapy

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy technique which has been used for many years to identify and treat diseases and boost overall health by correcting the energy imbalances in the body.

During the treatments, acupuncturists gently insert tiny needles at certain points on the energy lines flowing through your body to restore your energy flow (or “qi”). Once these needles are in, you will lay back and relax in a tranquil and quiet room while your healing process takes place.

In Western medical field alternative treatments such as acupuncture are hardly considered. It is mainly due to insufficient knowledge on the part of the doctors concerning scientific evidence of its effectiveness.

Nonetheless, several studies show acupuncture could be effective treatment alternatives to medication and drugs. Numerous studies on chronic pain have been conducted and published.
Healing Through The Ages
Benefits Of Acupuncture
As follows is our look at what the benefits of acupuncture can be ...

1. Boost Effectiveness Of Medications
For individuals suffering from anxiety, the latest study in August’s Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that a low -dose of an anti-anxiety medication combined with the acupuncture therapy was just as effective as a full dose.

Also, this could assist to minimize the side effects of the medication. Common side effects of the anti-anxiety medication are weight gain, nausea, and a reduced sex drive.

2. Soothes Indigestion
In Brazil, researchers discovered that acupuncture was a very effective treatment to alleviate indigestion and heartburn for pregnant women. The study involved one group being treated with medications and acupuncture while they advised the other group on the dietary changes and certain medication.

The final result was 75 percent of the acupuncture group saw a decline in antacid use and heartburn intensity, meanwhile the other group saw the same effect for only 44%.
3. Boosts Cancer and Chemotherapy Recovery
According to the National Cancer Institute, many studies reveal that acupuncture can help speed up recovery and enhance immunity after cancer treatments. For example, one randomized trial showed that acupuncture treatment improved platelet count, resistance, and prevented a reduction in healthy cells after chemotherapy or radiation therapy when compared to receiving no acupuncture.

4. Respiratory Health
Acupuncture can help you to achieve respiratory health efficiently! Allergies, sinusitis, asthma, rhinitis are conditions which are positively impacted with the acupuncture every day. Being wary of indoor pollutants – cleaning chemicals, outgassing of plastics and fabrics, moulds, etc. and taking steps to lower them can also reduce respiratory imbalances.

5. Dulls Persistent Headaches
There have been numerous studies published regarding acupuncture therapy treating tension headaches and migraines. Doctors have discovered that acupuncture treatment is very effective at preventing migraines and tension headaches and that it is powerful for the existing headaches.

6. Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Health
Today, many doctors are recommending acupuncture as a treatment to balance hormones, reduce stress, and ease the pain and anxiety of labor and pregnancy.
It is considered a safe and effective treatment for most of the common symptoms during pregnancy -to relieve the emotional and physical strain on the body –and after the baby is born to assist with any depression, mood, physical or mental symptoms a mother may experience. It can also be used right before the baby is due to prepare the body for labor.

Also an additional not is there are some acupuncture points which a qualified acupuncturist will avoid during pregnancy. Therefore, it is always recommend doing your research and ensuring that you are dealing with a licensed acupuncturist for best care.
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