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Exercise is necessary for living a long, healthy, and happy life. The benefits of workouts are practically countless and affect both one’s mental and physical well-being. Getting in shape as well as staying in proper shape is easier said than done. It needs not only a healthy diet but also a personalised exercise plan to be followed consistently.

That is why we need assistance sometimes along the way in attaining our fitness goals. Whether you’re a well-conditioned athlete or just starting out, a certified personal trainer will offer the necessary motivation and guidance to enable you to reach your fitness goals.

People usually debate whether having a personal trainer is right for them and if it’s worth the cost. For several different reasons, having personal training sessions can be very beneficial to every person.

There is a reason financial moguls, and movie stars use personal trainers: the benefits of having a personal trainer is one of the easiest, fastest, most efficient ways to boost your fitness and health. In fact, the benefits of working with a personal trainer have proved very useful that it’s spread beyond the realm of the famous and wealthy. Personal trainers are today used by people of all age, fitness, and economic levels -and from all over the world -to assist in making lifestyle changes they could not achieve by themselves.

Regardless of physical activity or sport you participate in, hiring the right personal trainer can certainly be of benefit for attaining your goals. Your fitness coach can certainly provide advantages which you won’t find when working out by yourself.
Benefits of having a Personal Trainer in Andover
Personal Training
Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer
It is time to get serious about living a healthy lifestyle and physically fit. The road to attaining your personal health goals needs the kind of practice and perseverance which can be hard to find all on your own. If getting in shape is your top priority, a personal trainer may be the best answer. Here are the main benefits of having a personal trainer in Andover:

1. Accountability and Motivation
When you are the only one scheduled for a meeting, it becomes way very easy to break your commitment and eventually skip the gym for a week. When your personal trainer is counting on you to turn up, you’re much more likely to power through your fitness goals. Personal trainers will also assist to keep you from slacking off during your real exercise.

2. Proper Fat Loss And Muscle Gain
Several people have many goals when exercising, the most common being muscle gain and fat loss. It is often difficult to find the correct balance between these two, and a personal trainer can assist you to find the right workouts to attain all of your goals.
3. Successful Weight Loss
A certified personal trainer based in Andover, Hampshire has in-depth knowledge when it comes to weight loss. Your trainer will be able to tell you exactly which workouts you should do and what you should eat to lose a specific amount of weight every week. Also, they will train you to lose weight in a more healthy way and burn fat while maintaining your muscle mass.

4. Injury Prevention
The most common reason for hiring a good personal trainer is the risk prevention. A personal trainer watches over you as you train and ensures that your posture, form, and equilibrium remain correct and safe. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, women can get strains, sprains, and stress injuries if they aren’t in condition and don’t use the correct form when exercising. By hiring a certified personal trainer, you significantly lower the risk of injuring yourself as you train.

5. Proper Technique and Form
Reading all the fitness magazines and watching all the YouTube videos, doesn’t substitute having an individual by your side offering you immediate feedback on technique and form. It’s so easy to hurt yourself in the gym. Trainers always pay attention, cue both your body and your mind and help you attain your goals more quickly by ensuring that you’re doing each workout correctly. They can assist you create a better running form, posture improvement, and increase your muscle strength by teaching you to recruit the right muscles and making a mind-body connection. With every workout, trainers will hold you accountable to proper technique and form preventing injury!

6. Specific Training For Athletes
Are you an athlete? A recreational athlete can improve their performance in a particular sport. Trainers have studied body movements and patterns. They know the best workouts to assist you in developing endurance, strength, speed, and the agility for your sport. A personal trainer will quickly know if you’ve been keeping up your fitness routine through your performance and will hold you responsible for the sport specific exercises in your program!
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Pilates - Building Strength From The Inside
Today, Pilates is one of the most popular fitness techniques worldwide. Pilates is a technique steeped in history which uses similar principles as the standards forms of training, only that their approach negates the standard use of external resistance like hand weights for the body weight.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, born in Germany in 1880. History shows Joseph Pilates was born with physical disorders that he spent his life working to restore his body conditions and health.

The legend of his technique points to his work at the English internment camp during the World War I, where he worked to assist patients to rehabilitate their war injuries. In 1923, he immigrated to New York where he started Pilate’s studio and incorporated his methodology that he termed “Contrology.”

This technique used a series of workouts designed to establish body and abdominal control. Over time, Pilates created equipment which could replace him as the spotter for his clients – equipment now used like the Reformer and the Cadillac.

Pilates Inner Core
The technique once referred to as Contrology, was later referred to as Pilates, as students of his practice started spreading out and opening their own practices and studios.

While many, including the medical experts, recognize its health benefits, it is so surprising how few individuals fully understand just how different Pilate’s workouts are. Most underestimate the power of this training style, as it’s considered the staple exercise for the elderly and new mums, but this immensely untapped form of workout could be the one thing which takes your training to an entirely new level.

Of course, personal training offers a perfect platform for individuals to get fit. It’s a concentrated and custom made programme that enables you to get the best out of yourself. But, integrating a new fitness style, like Pilates, into your personal training routine could add a totally new dimension and keeps things varied, as well as fun!
Pilates Personal Training
Why Include Pilates As Part Of Your Training Session?
So, Pilates has numerous health benefits which could contribute to the great success of your training programme. In this post, we will look at the key benefits of adding Pilates into your training programme.

1. Creates body awareness

Being body aware is something which will boost with personal training, understanding your body needs is very important. Pilates also assists with increasing body awareness by strengthening your muscles and helping to improve balance and posture.

2. Fun!

Pilates for life is playful and entertaining. The equipment will remind you of playground equipment as a kid. Pilates teaches us all over again how to stretch, pull, push, roll, climb, and even breathe like we did as a kid.

3. Success in sport

Pilates can help your personal training program and give you that required boost.
4. Sleep Better

Exercises help to release some of this hormone that if done early in the day will help us to concentrate better at work, and then later we’re tired and ready for bed at night. Pilates is good to do each day since it doesn’t cause you soreness and weigh down your muscles later. It stretches and strengthens them assisting you to sleep better at night.

5. Improves Flexibility

Flowing stretching movement will be enhanced and provide additional flexibility you can do some of your favorite activities such as golfing, bowling, strength training, playing tennis, or playing with your children without any risk of hurting yourself.

6. Anti- Aging Benefits

With Pilates for life, you’ll realign and fix the spinal imbalances by strengthening the core muscles which support the spine. In turn, you’ll look trimmer, stand taller, and be happy! This all relates to a young individual.

7. Improves Muscle Tone

Pilate’s workouts help to tone and strengthen bone and muscle by using your own body weight. Any addition of muscle to your body stimulates your metabolism that, in turn, assists to reduce your body fat by burning fat and calories.

8. Energizing!

Pilates is one of the few conditioning workout sequences which have been found to be energizing regardless of what your health condition or age. Well, the greatest explanation is the articulating and stretching movements of spine assist to move the cerebral spinal fluid up and down the spine raising the blood flow to your brain while stretching the body also.

The flowing movements sequence controlled by your breathing is another way to raise energy by removing bad air and taking in more oxygen.
Yoga Sessions In Hampshire
Yoga Stones
Including Yoga Into Your Routine Can Provide Many Benefits

Yoga To Compliment Your Training

If yoga is not a part of your regular fitness routine, you do not know what you are missing: Yoga could be the missing masterpiece to complete your fitness routine and make your workout well-rounded.

Yoga originated in India about 5000 years ago and is one of the oldest sciences which exist today. Evidence of this estimation exists in the ancient Hindu texts known as the Vedas. This provides us a fair and an appropriate timeline to chart the history of yoga. The excavations and the Vedas from the Indus-Sarasvati civilization serves as the cornerstones of this inquiry into the yoga history.

Remember, yoga is one of the six conventional systems of the Indian Philosophy. The exact date of its origin is hard to pinpoint, but the era from which this knowledge originates from is far less essential than the knowledge itself.
The history of yoga can be divided into four main periods: Vedic, Preclassical, Classical and Postclassical. Besides, the six major variations of yoga in the Hindu philosophy are karma, raja, jnana, tantra, bhakti, and hatha. Although the primary goals may differ, every style needs self-inquiry and specific disciplines to reach the desired state.

Several motivated, fitness-driven people work so hard to look good and also keep their bodies feeling very good. Unluckily, it can be very easy to place an overemphasis on cardiovascular exercises or strength training.

Although these are certainly essential parts of your overall fitness routine, it is imperative for you to design a well-rounded fitness plan which will assist you enhance your fitness level and even maintain your desired body composition. Yoga, when practiced regularly, offers a sense of awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the body which can then be addressed quickly at your own pace.
Reasons Why Yoga Helps With Training
There are so many positive benefits to including Yoga as part of your fitness plan

1. Increases Flexibility

Of course, apart from relaxation and breathing, yoga’s primary focus is on concerted stretching to assist you to keep your body limber. Increasing the flexibility of your joints and muscles will ultimately assist you to improve the effectiveness of the other workouts in your program.

Moreover, increased flexibility means that your body will be at a low risk of injury to the muscles and body ligaments as a result of your exercises. This is paramount, as an injury can effectively destroy all the progress you have made with your training program to this point.

2. Relieves Physical and Mental Stress

There are several different forms of yoga you can do, but many will place some focus level on deep breathing which is developed to put your body into an extremely relaxed state. Through this unique process, your muscles will start to relax and release any tension they have been holding for an unknown amount of time.

Stress can be a huge burden on your general health, and several people enjoy the deep breathing and gentle movements of a yoga practice due to the effects they’ve at relieving stress and tension in the body and mind.
Yoga Training
3. Improves core strength

As we get older and less active, these muscles start to respond slower and get weaker. This predisposes our spine to injuries. I see this each day in my practice when I have a client who blows out their low back when they’re doing something as simple as bending over to tie their shoes.

Yoga is very good for strengthening your core muscles. Most of the poses which you do in yoga engage these muscles. Not to mention that yoga concentrates on proper breathing techniques which not only assists in engaging the core muscles, but also helps in reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

4. Improves Mind-Muscle Control

Much of yoga concentrates on the mind-body connection. If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you will discover some very good benefits which will transfer over to your other training sessions. Essentially, you should see significant improvements in your agility, balance, and coordination.

5. Helps You Become Aware Of Your Breathing

If you train regularly, you should certainly be wary of how you are breathing during your fitness. A lack of appropriate breathing techniques can actually result in exercises which cause more harm than good. Throughout your yoga practice, you will be able to focus on maintaining a controlled and slow breathing rate.

Over time, you will learn how to position your body in a relaxed state much faster by mastering the art of controlling your breath. As you move out of the yoga session into another form of training, ensure to bring your new breathing practices with you, as it’s essential to helping you get the most out of your resistance or cardio training.

6. Improves sleep

As if all of these other benefits aren’t enough to convince you to go out and include yoga in your fitness program, you’ll also sleep better once you begin practicing yoga regularly. Several individuals suffer from the restlessness and are not able to get a good nights rest since they have tension and stress in the body.

Regular yoga practice assists to lower tension in the muscles and joints, reduce your blood pressure, eliminate stress in the body, and clear your mind. All of these benefits are a perfect recipe for the best night of sleep you have ever had.

I hope you’ve found these benefits of adding yoga to your fitness routine to be great motivation for you to think about adapting your workout routine today!

There’s evidently a plenty of benefits for adding yoga to your workout plan. If you are looking to increase your balance and flexibility, prevent injury or practice relaxation and focus.
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